Review: Funko Snapsies

Wednesday, November 18, 2020


As big fans of anything Funko! We were really excited to receive their brand new surprise toy to review. We received a Funko Snapsies ball with no idea of what would be inside. The girls' decided to open it together to investigate. 
To open you simply remove the outer packaging to find a plain purple glittery ball. You then twist open the ball to reveal a parcel. There are a few layers so the girls likened it to a game of pass the parcel and decided to open a layer each until the got to the middle. I think in total there are around three layers (So you won't be unwrapping plastic for days). 

Inside the first layer were a few accessories, I think there was the veil and wings and I can't quite remember the other item. The following layer surprised us and was actually the main figure itself. The girls received 'Promise' who is a 'Llamaid'. The next layer contained another lower body part so the girls could choose whether to have their character as a Llama or a Llama-Mermaid hybrid. 

There are lots of interchangeable pieces in the set including different faces to pop onto the character. My guess is that if you were to collect a few of these Snapsies, you could probably change them into whatever you want. Looking at the leaflet that came with ours, it looks like you can also get Dragon, goat, hedgehog and shark parts so you could make all sorts!

Verdict- The girls absolutely loved the Funko Snapsies, as I expected they would. They love the interchangeable aspect of the toy and they liked that there were so many things they could do with it. I could honestly see them becoming the next 'big thing' amongst their age group.

They are available to buy now from Tesco, Smyths Toy Superstores and The Entertainer for around £8. 

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