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Sunday, August 30, 2020

 What an incredible year it has been for children all over the UK. For some, they will be returning to school for the first time in 6 months and things will have changed a lot. Things are looking very different in our school. Children are required to take everything home with them at the end of the day including their PE kits as they cannot leave items in school. They will all need water bottles as a necessity and not just a decoration that returns full of gross water a few days later. 

We are really looking forward to being back in school and are used to most of the changes already as we were in during lockdown. We did our annual back to school shop last week, including a fun-packed trip to Smiggle for supplies and are about ready for the new school year to start. We were given a £50 voucher to spend on some Back to School supplies and I think we managed to get quite a good selection.

Zach needed a new backpack for school as his old one which he had had for over 3 years had finally given up and broke just before we broke up. Although there were some great offers online, we decided to head into store to let him choose one himself, there were so many designs to choose from but he finally settled on this shark design 'Flow Backpack' which cost us £24.50 thanks to a 30% off when you spend £50 offer. The bag is really big and spacious and feels like such good quality. I'm hoping it will last him a long while, it will definitely fit in everything he needs each day for school. He also chose the 'Rad to the Bone' lunchbox as it will be his first year of packed lunches now that he will be starting Year 3. The lunchbox was 50% off in the sale so cost just £7.50. Again, the lunchbox is big and spacious and great quality. It has room on the side to slot in a water bottle for storage. I'm glad I let him choose as I would have got everything matching but he chose items that jumped out at him and made him happy!

The girls both have lovely backpacks which they got from Smiggle a few months back so they didn't need much for school. Elsie did choose herself a silicone roll up bottle which I thought was a great idea. She is so clumsy and forever dropping and damaging water bottles so I am hoping a silicone one will hold up better for her! They had them in lots of nice designs and she chose a purple and pink unicorn design. The bottle cost £9 after the 30% was taken off. 

The other two kids then spent the rest of the money on some stationery bits including these two pens. Gracie chose herself a cute pen with a spinning Narwhal on top and Logan chose himself a squidgie pen. So, that was four happy children with some cool new accessories for school from Smiggle.  

I think you definitely pay for quality in Smiggle and thanks to the great offers they often have both online and in-store, we always feel like we have done well when shopping there. The items are made to last and even with everyday use, our items still always look and feel good. Smiggle stores are now open with social distancing in place within the store, we found that the staff were still very friendly and helpful and as always we were approached to see if we needed any assistance and were informed of what offers were available in store on that particular day. 

You can find your nearest store or shop online at www.smiggle.co.uk

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