Friday, July 31, 2020

As you may have noticed, I have had a huge rebrand on the blog. A few months back I realised I had lost my domain name ( and the company holding it wanted me to pay a massive annual cost to get it back. So rather than let them win, I have bought a brand new website name, which hopefully no one will feel the need to take from me and along with a fresh new header I have a fresh start! 

During these crazy times, I haven't been anywhere exciting to share but hopefully in the coming months I will have some fun new content and plenty of adventures to write about. We finally broke up from school last week and are looking forward to an exciting summer together! We've been enjoying baking and arts and crafts lately so I will start writing up some of our favourite recipes and perhaps share some of our fun creations. 

Anyway that is it for now. I have a lot of tweaking to do to get the blog fully functioning but thanks so much if you are still reading!

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