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Thursday, April 23, 2020

We have plenty of time on our hands at the moment so we are taking the time to do fun things which we usually have to put off until school holidays or weekends. We love Spinmaster and they have recently sent us some cool kits to try out at home. Here is what we thought:


We had so much fun with the KumiKreator, we made a couple of bracelets and a necklace complete with tassel charm. We found the initial set up seemed difficult the first time, but once we had done it once we found it super easy. We have made similar bracelets before manually using wool and cardboard which has taken days, if not weeks, so we were amazed at how quickly you watch the necklace or bracelet form before your very eyes! The KumiKreator kit comes with enough reels and clasps to create 3 bracelets and 2 necklaces and comes with 5 different pattern cards to follow. 

Once you have used all of the reels and clasps included, you can buy refill packs so you can reuse the KumiKreator as many times as you like. We have decided we will definitely be purchasing a refill pack so we can create some more lovely pieces in different colours! 
Go Glam Nail Stamper
 We had so much fun with the nail stamper, it actually became a big fun family activity. All five of us ended up with funky painted and stamped nails. The kit consists of two coloured nail polishes, top coat clear polish, a stamp machine and 5 different designs of stamps to use including cupcakes, hearts, cats, flamingos and unicorns. It also comes with a pretty storage bag to keep the kit in between uses. I painted all three of the children's nails and we waited 5 minutes for them to dry. They then chose the designs they wanted and we stamped each individual fingernail one at a time. we then popped the top coat polish on top for a protective finish. 
It worked really well and we were all really pleased with our fabulous looking nails! The girls then painted Sam's nails doing a hand each, I really wish I had taken a photo of these as they were so gloopy and messy as they thought it was really funny, it was hilarious. We still have plenty of nail polish and stamp tape left so we can reuse the kit again and again. The girls can definitely use it to practise their nail polishing skills. 

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We were not paid for this post, but we were sent the items free of charge in return for our honest opinions.

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