|AD| Casdon Flymo Review

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

We have spent a lot of time in the garden recently. The children have been helping a lot with weeding, watering plants and tidying up the garden. They love to be involved and we can see such a difference in the garden already. We can't wait to have it looking exactly how we want it to. The garden hasn't just been about work though. We have done interactive learning, outdoor PE lessons and we have been playing a lot! Elsie was sent this super cute children's Flymo lawnmower by Casdon to play with which is great as cutting the grass is something that is far too dangerous for any of the children to do but she can use her imagination and pretend she is cutting the grass for us.

She absolutely loves her new Flymo and has been playing with it every day out in the garden. She has been racing the dog down the garden with it, making the garden pretty and running over her brother and sister for fun. Elsie says 'She thinks everyone should have one because they will love it'.  

It is great little toy and makes little clicking noises when it is moving so it sounds like it is working. It has kept Elsie very entertained recently and has really encouraged her imaginative play. It is very well made and I would absolutely recommend it as a gift. It is available at a range of toy retailers but I've added a link to Amazon below (affiliate link).

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