Review: Smiggle #Justbeyou

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

I was recently contacted by Smiggle who had a great idea for a new post. They wanted to give me a voucher to spend and let the children loose in Smiggle choosing whatever they wanted regardless of colour/design to celebrate their individuality. So last weekend I took Gracie, Zach and Elsie over to Smiggle to do some shopping. 

They loved being able to roam around the shop trying to choose what they wanted and they surprised me with how sensible they were with the items they chose. Elsie loved the Star Wars BB8 lunchbox but said she didn't need one as she already has a pretty Frozen one from Smiggle. The children have really enjoyed drawing and colouring lately and I could tell that this influenced the items they chose. 

They chose a selection of items that they thought would be fun to use. All three were impressed by the scented pencils and clearly have a sweet tooth so chose all dessert scented pencils. Zach chose the Koala multicoloured pen because he is a little Koala obsessed at the minute after following the news about the Australian bushfires. Elsie chose the gross art mini activity book because it comes with stickers to make horrible gross looking monsters. Gracie chose the Cutiecorns scratch book because she does love anything girly and full of unicorns and she really enjoys drawing. They chose the sketch book for their stepbrother for when he comes over next so he can join them with drawing and colouring and they thought he would like that. 

I can honestly say that the children were most definitely themselves when choosing their items. They are very food-orientated children so the scented pencils were not a shock! They love their cake so what better than pencils that smell like cake and cookies to make homework more fun? Elsie loves all things gross and silly so the mini gross art was certainly made for her! Zach is sensitive and loves animals so a novelty animal pen was the perfect choice for him and the scratch art is probably something I would pick up for Gracie if I saw it because it looks like something she could spend hours doing!

I really enjoyed this experience with the kids. It was nice to see them choosing things for themselves without my input and I think I have to give them credit, they are definitely able to think sensibly when given a budget to spend on things they want. It was also nice to notice the difference between all of my children and the choices they made. They all have such different tastes and it is nice to celebrate that sometimes! 

Thank you Smiggle for sending us on this project! Take a look at all Smiggle have to offer over on their website. Or go and visit a store like we did. There is something for everyone #Justbeyou

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