Meet Archibald

Sunday, January 26, 2020

I have been so busy lately that I neglected to share our new arrival. This is Archibald, Archie for short and he is our beautiful Border Terrier/Westie cross. We had been visiting him since he was born way back in September and we bought him home on the 1st December. He has fit in so well with family life. He loves attention and gets plenty of it between us and the children. He loves going out for walks and we have plenty of lovely local places to visit with him. 

The Children have declared Archie is their little brother already and they love playing in the garden with him, throwing him balls and sticks, as well as snuggling up to him on the sofa for some downtime. He does love his cuddles.

He also has his own Instagram because he is just adorable and I love sharing photos of him and enjoying all the other doggy pictures in his news feed which brighten my days. He will occasionally pop up on my IG and FB pages too but feel free to follow him if you want a daily dose of puppy cuteness! 

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