Review: Rubiks Games and Puzzles

Saturday, November 02, 2019

The children were very lucky to be sent a bundle of Rubiks games and puzzles just in time for half-term. I am ashamed to say that we have never owned a Rubiks cube before now, though I knew exactly what they were. The bundle we received included Rubiks Cage, Rubiks Match, Rubiks 3x3, Rubiks 2x2, Rubiks Edge and Rubiks Orbit. The kids were so excited when they arrived. Here is what we thought:

Rubiks Cage

This is definitely our favourite of the lot and has been played with the most. It is a nice simple game, similar to connect 4 but with a 'twist' you have to get three coloured cubies in a row to win but your competitors can choose to twist a layer or flip the cube on their turn to literally turn the game upside down!

It is such a fun game and I found it is so easy to accidentally make someone else win when twisting, much to the children's amusement when I helped them win! The instructions are really easy to follow and the game doesn't take long to play, with next to no time to set up. The children can play it alone but it can also be enjoyed by the whole family. 

Rubiks Match

This one is a bit more difficult. Gracie and I really enjoyed it but Zach didn't quite understand how to play. With Rubiks Match, each player is given a deck of cubies cards (each deck is the same). There is also a deck of challenge cards of various levels. A card is turned over and each player has to try and recreate the picture on the challenge card exactly. The first person to achieve this wins the challenge card and the first person to win three challenge cards wins the game. It is a great game for older children, some of the harder level challenges really make you think! 

Rubiks 3x3, Rubiks 2x2, Rubiks Edge

The Rubiks 3x3 is the original famous Rubiks cube. The 2x2 and Edge are smaller versions that look easier though I can assure you they are not! The Rubiks puzzles are famously difficult though some people can solve them in seconds. They are great at keeping children entertained for long periods of time though can also be super frustrating! The kids keep picking them back up to try again but we are yet to solve any of them!

Rubiks Orbit

The Rubiks Orbit is similar to the 2x2 Rubiks cube. The aim is to make the colours match all the way round. Again, we still haven't managed to solve this one but we are determined to keep trying. We keep finding ourselves very close! 

We have really enjoyed trying out the Rubiks range. We love the games and got the hang of them pretty quickly. We still need a lot more practice with the puzzles though. There is still time for one of us to become a Rubiks master! With Christmas coming up, I love that there are so many items in the range that would make great stocking fillers. A recent survey actually revealed that a third of all parents would choose the Rubiks cube as a stocking filler for kids this Christmas. The survey, which had 2,000 respondents, also included stationery and chocolate as top stocking solutions. 

These items are available to buy at most toy retailers or you can buy direct on the Rubiks website. 

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