Review: Bright Eyes Hats

Friday, November 01, 2019

Bright Eyes hats are a collection of hats that think they are a torch! We were sent some to try out just in time for these early dark evenings! So far there are four character designs to choose from; Rusty the Raccoon, Cassie the Cat, Una the Unicorn and Amanda the Panda. Each one has light up eyes to help you see in the dark with an ultra bright beam of over 10m and two different light functions, full beam and flashing. 

As you can see, the hats are very bright and attractive designs. The kids absolutely love them! The cat and raccoon designs are double lined to make them extra warm and snuggly. The lights are really bright, you can even see them quite clearly in the daylight. They will be perfect for our family bonfire night outing. I certainly won't lose the children in the crowd. There is a little battery pack inside a little pocket on the inside of the hat, you can turn the battery pack off when the lights are not needed to avoid the children turning the lights on and off throughout the day. 

We live in the middle of the countryside and with the evenings getting darker earlier, it will be great having these to use for the walk home from school, especially when we have after school clubs. They would also be great for children who play outside in the evenings. It is so important that children can be seen in the dark to avoid any accidents. 

We absolutely love the Bright Eyes hats and would love to see some more cute designs added to the collection. Some more less girly designs would be great, maybe a red panda or a fox?! Prices start from £17.95 and they are available to buy at

*We were sent the items featured in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. 

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