|AD-Review| Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Crown Jewels Mega Secret Surprise

Thursday, November 07, 2019

The Hatchimals CollEggtibles Crown Jewels mega secret surprise has over 40 different surprises. Gracie and Elsie were really excited to take a look inside and see what they could find in the giant surprise egg. They recognised the egg as they have previously had the small versions and remembered that they needed to rub the hearts to start the hatching process. There are multiple crackable sections as well as different layers and parts to peel to reveal surprises. 

The girls worked well together to hatch the egg to reveal the first few surprises. The first few surprises included the Royal Pixie, a few hatchimals and some crown accessories. Each came in a little bag to be opened. I definitely think opening and finding the surprises was their favourite part.

When they got half way through, they found the layer with peel-to-reveal sections. The middle one contained codes to unlock content on the free Hatchimals app and the outer sections all contained different Hatchimals. There were some really cute characters in this collection! This layer could also be removed and underneath the girls found stickers and a character chart telling them who they had received. 

The girls absolutely loved opening this up to see what they could find. I was pleasantly surprised at how most of the items were actually characters and not little bits that would be instantly lost. The crown accessories fit the Hatchimals or Pixie and were placed straight on them so the only loose bits were masquerade masks and a spare pixie crown to swap. It did look like there wasn't much content compared to the size of the egg once we finished but you can use the egg itself and the layers as a playset to play with the characters.

The girls were definitely impressed and really enjoyed it. They love their Hatchimals and have quite a collection now of cute little characters from different series. 

The Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Crown Jewels Mega Secret Surprise is available to buy now from Smyths Toys

* We were sent the item featured in return for a review, all opinions are my own. 

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