Review: Disney Colour Brain

Thursday, October 31, 2019

We absolutely love playing games in our house and regularly have family game nights. As we play together so often, we are always looking for fun new games to add to our collection. I was recently sent the Colourbrain Disney edition and we were so excited to try it out! The game is every Disney lovers dream! Use your expert knowledge and memory to win.

It is easily played with 2-4 single players competing against each other or you can play in up to 4 teams. Each player or team has a deck of coloured cards which are the answers to the question cards. Each card has a question with a coloured answer, some may require just one colour, some require 2 or 3 colours. For example, what colour is Winnie The Pooh's shirt? Most people will know that the answer is red, points are scored when people answer incorrectly. If I chose red and Gracie and Zach answered blue then I would receive a point for each person who answered incorrectly. If we all answered red, a single point carries over to the next round and whoever wins the next round receives the point. If we all answer the next round incorrectly we lose the bonus point. It comes with a cute little score pad to track who is winning. To make the game even more competitive, there is a 'steal card' which can be used against the person in the lead. Each player has a steal card but the person in the lead cannot use it. It can be used once per game and the person using it gets to blindly take 8 cards from the winner for one round, hoping that the answer to that question will be amongst the 8 cards. 

One of my favourite things about this game is that it comes with so many question cards! We have played 4 or 5 times and only opened two card decks, we still have four unopened so we won't get bored quickly answering the same questions and memorising the answers. It also has a mixed range of easy and more difficult cards. I am fairly good with my Disney knowledge but there are lots that I really have to think about or guess at. 

Overall, we have really enjoyed Disney Colourbrain and I can't think of any negative points about it. I would actually love for them to bring out versions for other franchises. A Harry Potter version would be great! We have all enjoyed playing it as a family and it is also simple enough for the children to play with any friends that come over. 

It is another win for Big Potato Games who are fast becoming a household favourite! I've inserted an affiliate link below for ease. I may earn a few pennies if you click through.

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