Review: Disney Colour Brain

Thursday, October 31, 2019

We absolutely love playing games in our house and regularly have family game nights. As we play together so often, we are always looking for fun new games to add to our collection. I was recently sent the Colourbrain Disney edition and we were so excited to try it out! The game is every Disney lovers dream! Use your expert knowledge and memory to win.

Get Your Kids To Eat Anything by Emily Leary

Monday, October 21, 2019

A few months back, my brilliant friend Emily released her first cook book. Get your kids to eat anything isn’t just a cookbook, it is a plan to help encourage children and introduce a colourful balanced diet. Emily is also an award winning blogger at A Mummy Too and aims to help busy parents to cook nice meals that don't take all day to prepare. 

I am not a particularly confident cook. I try to make sure my children eat a variety of fruit and vegetables but I definitely find myself sticking to the same dishes a lot. I am not very experimental with dishes. I hoped that this book would help me with exactly that and give me ideas on introducing different ingredients. 

The first thing I wanted to try in the book was the beetroot risotto. We love risotto so I knew it was something we were all comfortable eating already but this had a fun twist. I would have never thought of adding beetroot. I have to say my kitchen looked temporarily like a murder scene whilst I was preparing the dish but it was so worth it. Everyone loved it! It was really tasty and it has been requested a few times since. I found the recipe very easy to follow and the ingredients were all found at my local supermarket. Even just cooking this, I felt much more confident in myself and my cooking.

I then tried to make the healthier chocolate cookies. I am much happier baking than cooking so I was excited to try these. I love to make sweet treats for the family and the main ingredient in these is bananas which we always have available. There are very few ingredients needed for this recipe and the cookies were so easy to make. They were lovely and moist tasting and totally more-ish! It is definitely a recipe I will use over and over again. They actually make a great activity for children to join in with. 

I absolutely recommend this book, even if like me you don't have trouble getting your children to eat anything. What I really needed was inspirational recipes to help us enjoy some different options and the book has definitely given me that. It has also given me more confidence, the recipes in the book with ingredients I am not keen on, I am thinking about what replacements I can include to make that meal suit me. If there is anyone you can trust to come up with tasty meals it is Emily!

It is now available on Amazon at the low, low price of £8.94. I have provided an amazon affiliate link below. I may receive a few pennies if you click to order. I received this book as a gift from Emily but all opinions are my own!