|AD- Press Trip| National Forest Adventure Farm

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

On Saturday we visited National Forest Adventure Farm in Burton-on-Trent. We had been invited to experience the space themed events to celebrate 50 years since the moon landing. To celebrate the big anniversary, National Forest Adventure Farm have carefully designed their maize maze which was revealed earlier this month. The maze design features Neil Armstrong and the Apollo 11 mission Saturn V rocket recreated in maize form. 

Up until the 2nd September, the National Forest Adventure Farm has transformed into a hive of space exploration, including a new Space Rangers Alien Rescue interactive indoor attraction where children can train to become a Space Ranger and help save aliens. 

We had all four children this weekend and they were all so excited to visit the farm. Zach learned all about the moon landing at school earlier this year and found it so interesting so he was so eager to explore the maze and share his knowledge! The first thing we did when we got there was purchase animal food and head over to feed the animals. We got there just in time to meet the guinea pigs which made me and Elsie incredibly happy. They were so fluffy and cute! We also saw baby chicks and ducks, baby goats and piglets. We fed the goats, said hello to the donkeys and headed outside to find more animals in the outside areas while it was lovely and sunny. Outside there were chickens, ducks, goats, alpacas, sheep, donkeys and ponies. We used up the rest of our food feeding them just in time for the sheep racing! 

We have been to the National Forest Adventure Farm once before and the last time we went, all the sheep were named after singers including 'Ed Sheer-an', 'Lady Baa Baa' etc. This time the sheep were named after superheroes with names including 'Captain Baavel' and 'Wool-verine'. It is so fun picking your favourite punny name and watching to see if they win. 

Once that was done we went to the Space Rangers Alien Rescue interactive experience. The kids absolutely loved every moment of that experience. They had to train as space cadets then travel to space to collect some alien eggs. The details that have gone into designing this are amazing. Logan even became scared at one point because he was nervous at the prospect of flying into space which shocked us! He came out so excited though because he had enjoyed himself so much! 

We then headed to the Moon Landing maize maze. We had to watch a little video beforehand and were given a sheet to fill in on our way around the maze. Our mission was to find and solve space themed puzzles at different points throughout the maze and were armed with just a map. Unfortunately it started to rain as we started and we only managed to get half way through the puzzles as it became so muddy and showed no signs of stopping so a member of staff kindly showed us the way out. It was such a shame as we were really enjoying deciphering codes and solving puzzles together! The maze was certainly impressive and well worth exploring if you get a chance!

We didn't let the rain completely ruin our experience though, the kids went and spent some time in the indoor soft play area for a while and we ordered some food. We weren't impressed with the hot food though. It was very expensive and didn't taste great but it was the only part of the day out we weren't overly happy with. 

If you decide to visit the National Forest Adventure Farm, which I highly recommend, do make sure you book online before you go for discounted tickets. You can definitely spend the whole day there so it is worth the money. You can book tickets or find out more information at www.adventurefarm.co.uk

*We received free entry in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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