Review: Ziggle Colour Changing Raincoats and Umbrellas

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Back at Blog On in May I stumbled upon these gorgeous raincoats and umbrellas from Ziggle. As soon as I saw them I just knew the girls would love them! I was shocked to find that they were made to fit children up to 8 years old as they mainly sell beautiful baby and toddler items. These raincoats are not just pretty in design but they also change colour in the rain. As you can see in the umbrella photo below where the raindrops have started to hit and the unicorn has begun to change in appearance. 

There are three different designs altogether; unicorn, flamingo and blue whale. The girls of course wanted the 'girly' designs as they are quite typical and Gracie loves flamingos whereas, Elsie loves her unicorns. The Flamingo raincoat has a large flamingo on the front holding an umbrella with a rain cloud above both of which have colour-changing parts. The Unicorn coat has a unicorn, flowers and hearts on the front but it also has a unicorn on the back of the coat too which is cute! The umbrella matches the coat perfectly. They also do umbrellas to match the flamingo raincoat too. 

The girls were so excited when the rain hit and they could properly use their raincoats and umbrella to test them out. Though they have had far too much of an opportunity to use them since! It has been nice though to allow them to play out knowing they will happily keep dry when the rain hits. We live in the countryside so we spend a lot of time outdoors whatever the weather.

The coats are a bit on the thin side, though they are incredibly watertight, so I would recommend popping warm layers underneath on cold days. They do look so cute on the girls, Elsie is wearing age 4-6 years which is perfect on her, it isn't too big but she will also get plenty of wear out of it as she is a small 4 year old. Gracie is wearing an age 6-8 years which fits her well but sadly she is already 8 and it probably won't last her as long as she is constantly growing! Thankfully we can keep hold of it for when Elsie needs the next size. It is such a shame they don't do bigger sizes but I am glad she managed to fit into it for now!

I have to say, for the price, these coats are a bargain. They are fun, they are functional and they are under £10. The umbrella is great quality, is nice and sturdy and looks great with the matching coat. It is slightly more expensive than the raincoats but we think it is worth it. 

All these items are available to buy from Ziggle on Amazon. I have included some handy links for you below. These are affiliate links so I may earn a few pence from any orders made but feel free to search for the items on Amazon yourself if you would rather not use my links. They are fairly easy to find. 

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