Review: Monster Jam Live Tour

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Disclaimer: We received free tickets in return for promotion and an honest review. 

Last weekend we had a whole family day out back in my hometown of Coventry. We were invited to attend the Monster Jam tour at Ricoh Arena and I knew that all four kids would absolutely love it. We were given passes to the pit party beforehand so managed to make a whole day of it, getting there early to see the monster trucks up close and meet the drivers. Unfortunately, the rain that day was horrific so the pit party was cancelled, though you could still enter the pit party area to take photos with the trucks themselves and then queue up to meet the drivers inside the arena, rather than meeting them next to their trucks.

As you can see the monster trucks are very impressive. They all have their own fun designs and they are huge machines! Elsie wasn't a fan of the zombie truck as she thought it was going to eat her! Of course I had to take a picture of her reaction before cuddling her. After seeing all eight trucks up close, the children had already chosen their favourites and we went to line up to meet some drivers. There were two queues to meet the drivers who were split into two groups. There were no signs to tell you which queue was for which drivers so we just jumped at the back of one of them hoping we would be lucky enough to meet the drivers of the children's favourite trucks. Thankfully, we picked the right queue as we ended up meeting all of the ones they wanted! 

The kids had been desperate to meet the driver of MAX D (the spiky truck) and the drivers of Megladon (the shark truck) and Wonder Woman so we were so lucky they were all together! The driver of Megladon picked Zach up and held him up to the camera attempting to make him face us which made Zach's day as he thought it was hilarious! The girls were so pleased to meet the only female racer of the day and she was so lovely! In fact all of the drivers we met were so friendly and made the kids feel really special. 

The show itself was lots of fun. There were four competitions where the drivers had to compete against each other to win points. The monster truck with the most points at the end of the show was crowned the winner. The voting was interactive so all of us viewers in the crowd could rate them on the website at the end of each drivers turn and the average rating was worked out for the scoreboard. We saw lots of jumps and tricks and a few failed stunts leaving trucks upside down and lots of broken pieces of shell. The whole show was packed with suspense and excitement and every one of us came out saying how much we enjoyed it. I would advise ear defenders for children though! The trucks are VERY loud and thankfully I had spotted the suggestion elsewhere and purchased some for Elsie who is sensitive to loud noises and I was so glad I did. 

My only criticism was the price of merchandise. The kids all wanted something to remember the occasion but to even get them all a monster truck toy each would have cost me over £100 or I could have bought four small flags for £40. It's a shame because I am usually quite happy to buy merchandise wherever we go but I couldn't justify the prices there at all. 

We would definitely go and watch Monster Jam on tour again. It was a great family day out and the kids haven't stopped talking about it since.

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