AD- Spice Girls Best Ever Fan with Walkers

Monday, June 03, 2019

I was a 90s kid and like most young girls in the nineties, I was Spice Girls obsessed. I bought every single on cassette tape and would look out for any magazine which featured them to spend my pocket money on. I would watch them on Top of the Pops before the days of Youtube. My Dad still resents me for the fact he missed Boxing Day one year waiting in line with me to take me to see Spice World The Movie. He brings it up every Christmas without fail. That was the Christmas I received my much wanted Sporty Spice doll. I love that every little girl had her favourite Spice Girl and mine was definitely Sporty Spice, despite the fact I am not a particularly sporty person! I just thought she was awesome.

The fact that the Spice Girls announced they were reuniting for a tour this year, made my life. There was no way that I was going to miss out on reliving my youth so I am going to see them at Ricoh Arena in Coventry this week! Words can't describe how excited I am, in fact Alexa is currently playing their music for me while I write this and I'm having a good sing a long with my girls. I never got to watch them live when I was younger so I seeing them is my childhood dream coming true. I have treated myself to some Spice Girls themed t-shirts from New Look and just need to decide which to wear. You will have to keep an eye out over on Instagram for pictures on Tuesday. 

It seems I'm not the only one excited by the nostalgia, The Spice Girls and Walkers Crisps have reunited after 22 years to find the girls' best ever fan! If only I was creative enough to enter myself! Watch the hilarious new ad above which features many well known faces! Would you share your Walkers crisps with the girls? I certainly would! 

Whoever is actually crowned Spice Girls best ever fan is incredibly lucky with first prize being VIP tickets to watch them live including a meet and greet plus 5* accommodation and travel. 

*This is a paid post but all opinions are my own. 

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