National Trust Tattershall Castle

Thursday, May 23, 2019

In the Easter holidays we took a little trip to Lincolnshire for a few days. We aimed to have a low cost holiday so we house-sat for a family member and spent our days exploring different parts of Lincolnshire. As National Trust membership holders, we can visit any National Trust property free of charge and there are many across Lincolnshire. Tattershall Castle was my first pick. I always find that castles tend to have amazing backstories and the kids love the idea of exploring castles. We only had Logan with us, as the other three were away with their Dad, so the three of us spent a lovely day exploring Tattershall Castle.

Tattershall Castle was once a symbol of wealth and status. Owned by Lord Cromwell, it encompassed great areas of the local landscape and contained within it's boundaries were people and places that enabled the castle to be self-sufficient. It later became severely damaged during the Civil War and went through a 200 year period of abandonment and ruination. It was then restored to it's current state in the early 1900s by Lord Curzon.

Tattershall Castle is certainly an impressive building. One floor contained some old fashioned games to play. It is always interesting to see how children and families were entertained such a long time ago. Another floor contained some 17th century tapestries. You can climb all the way up the 149 steps to the top of the castle and see the amazing views from the top. 
The battlements were temporarily closed for renovation work while we visited but we could see the view from the windows just below them. We also managed to see some World War 2 planes flying over from RAF Coningsby, which is just 1 mile away from the castle, so they are seen fairly regularly flying over the castle grounds. 

After we had finished exploring the castle we had a nice stroll around the grounds, where we saw the ruins of the old lodging block, which later became stables. We then crossed the bridge and found Weir's Workshop which is a brand new outdoor play area to test your child's agility and co-ordination skills. We were only there a couple of hours, it was a lovely place to visit and explore and we still had time to visit elsewhere in the afternoon. It is definitely worth a visit if you are ever nearby! 

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