Half-Term Holidays #ad

Saturday, March 02, 2019

We have just finished February half-term and what a glorious week it was, well the tail end at least. The weather has been amazing and we managed to get a sneak peek of what Summer will hopefully be like once it arrives! We managed to have a couple of family days out at the start of the holiday, whilst Sam was at home,including National Trust Calke Abbey and Warwick Castle then the kids spent the rest of the week playing outdoors! Just before Christmas we put up the children's enormous trampoline which was an early present from their grandparents and it was the first chance they had gotten to really enjoy it.
Not only did they manage to spend most of the holiday out playing in the garden on the trampoline but they have been straight outside playing after school each day this week too! They have been getting plenty of exercise and wearing themselves out enough to go to bed nice and early and we even got some holiday lie-ins! I think that was a first! I think that the trampoline was a great investment for the garden this year. 

I sometimes feel guilt after school holidays when I feel like the children haven't done much and that they have been bored for long periods but we all really enjoyed every moment. The time really does fly by when you are having fun. I think having all four children together at  points really helped. They don't get as much time together as they used to so it is so nice when they do. I am so excited about all the fun we are going to have outdoors together this year. It has been almost a year since we relocated to the countryside and moved into our lovely new house and garden. It makes such a difference having so much room to explore. There is always something to see or do.

I am really looking forward to the Easter holidays now, though the children will be leaving me for a whole week this time! I am going to have to plan some sort of Easter egg hunt in the garden while they are with me along with some Easter makes and bakes. Feel free to share any suggestions!

In the meantime, we have World Book Day, Pancake Day and Mother's Day to look forward to this month. Bring it on.

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