To 2019...

Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Wow I seem to have taken almost two months out of blogging, not intentionally, but I had planned to take a few weeks out over Christmas and New Year to enjoy every moment I could with my family. I really did have a lovely relatively stress free Christmas, we celebrated Gracie's birthday after Christmas and January has been so busy! I know most people feel like January is a very long month but it flew by for me.

 Throughout January we managed to fully decorate both ours and the girls' bedrooms and it feels like a massive achievement. The rooms look and feel beautiful and homely. It has been so worth the time and effort we have put in over the last few months. Of course with decorating and putting our stuff away in storage, I have felt an overwhelming urge to declutter everything and keep the rooms looking good. Our local charity shop has had many deliveries and I am sure there will be many more. I caught the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix last month which really helped me start to not only declutter but to organise spaces in a more effective way to keep the home more tidy. Never before did I think I would be so excited about folding clothes in a specific way and using dividers to neatly store my underwear. 

I started on some new depression medication towards the end of 2018 and have slowly increased the dose recently but I will also be starting CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) shortly so I am hoping that this year will be the one to help me learn to manage my anxiety and depression and motivate me to do more for myself.

I haven't got out and about much in the past month. We received National Trust membership as a Christmas gift from my Dad and Stepmum and I am itching to make use of it and start exploring our local sites. I haven't used my camera much this year either and taking photographs of the kids has become a huge love of mine over the past few years so I am excited to find some nice locations so I can dust off my camera!

I know it sounds so cliche, but I really feel like things are going to come together this year and although 2018 was stressful, it was full of achievements for us all and I wouldn't change a thing! Here is to making 2019 an awesome new adventure!

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