Review: HeroDrive DC Super Friends

Monday, December 03, 2018

All of our children are mad on both cars and superheroes, combine the two and it is always going to be a hit. Herodrive is a range of DC Super friends themed vehicles ready for some super powered action. We were sent a few items from the range to review. Read on to see how we got on.

The Herodrive Bat Racer (£24.99) is the largest item in the collection and has the most features. It features lights, engine sounds and music. You can transform it into race mode by pushing the windshield forward which makes the wings pop out. Push the Batman logo on the hood of the car for unique sounds then push again to send it racing forwards. 

The Herodrive Signal Squad (£12.99) is slightly smaller than the Bat Racer and comes in two different character options Superman or Batman. Press the logo on the hood to project the hero's signal and protect the city. 

The Herodrive Mash Machines (£7.99) are the smallest in the range but are a really good size! There are five of these to collect/choose from including Batman, Superman, Aquaman, The Flash and The Joker. Each has flashing lights and character appropriate sounds. 

Zach and Elsie were my assistants when it came to trying out these toys. The Bat Racer was a huge hit with Elsie, we have found it works much better on hard floors so she has had it racing along the kitchen floor, laughing constantly. It has hit my kitchen cupboards far too many times and is still working so I can definitely say it is good quality. Zach's favourites are the Mash Machines, they are much easier to grip for him to race them around himself whilst listening to the sound effects. They both love the Signal Squad car but we found you need a quite dark area for the light to show up.

Overall, the toys were a hit, especially the Bat Racer and the Mash Machines. They would make a great gift for any young superhero or car fans with Christmas coming up. I do have to say I am a little disappointed there doesn't seem to be a Wonder Woman vehicle in the range although she is on the packaging. I hope they decide to add her to the collection in the future.

The Herodrive range is available from Amazon Bat Racer , Mash Machines, Signal Squad and Hamley's. They will also be available at Asda from February onwards.

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  1. They look like great fun - and really sturdy! Fingers crossed they will last a long time and give many hours of happy play!

  2. These look such good fun and I think my nephew would love the Bat Racer x