Review: Little Dragons Cafe Playstation4

Friday, November 02, 2018

Back in September at Blog On Xmas, I came across the team promoting Little Dragons Cafe. My children are not big gamers, they struggle with so many games needing lots of assistance which I struggle to give as I suffer with motion sickness if I spend too long on any console! For that reason they usually only use the Playstation to watch Netflix but I thought this game looked perfect for them. 

The game has three different elements of play. You must manage your cafe, prepare foods, look after staff and keep ingredients stocked. You can explore the surrounding area, finding ingredients growing in the wild along with recipe pieces and wildlife. Lastly, you must raise your dragon, care for, feed and train your dragon as it grows from baby to adult. Your dragon will help you hunt when out exploring. 

The game has two children characters, you can name them yourselves, We named ours Gracie and Zach. You can also name the Dragon which they are tasked to raise, We named ours Elsie. All three children were happy they had characters named after them. Real Gracie was in charge of reading the storyline prompts to the other two and between the three of them they have been playing really nicely. The game has a clock timer counting the hours in the day and at the end of each day you put the character to bed, this saves the game progress and your character wakes for the next day. The kids have been doing a day each at a time taking it in turns.

I have of course had to assist them at times to help them progress the story and not repeat the same tasks everyday but I can also quite easily leave them to play while I get things done and they can follow the game play really easily. It is a really nice mellow game which has a story to follow and gives them hints and tips on how to do everything as the game goes along. It is literally the perfect game for my children. They play for an hour or so once or twice a week if they get time but they are doing well. Dragon Elsie is growing and their cafe is doing well. The further along they go in the game, the more of the outside world they open up so they have lots of space to explore now. 

I feel like it has been a great help to the kids as they won't feel like they are the only children at school who don't play on the playstation but they have a game that involves thinking and sharing. It encourages adventure! I would definitely recommend the game for young children. It is available now on Nintendo Switch or PS4.

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  1. This looks like a good game. I was just like yours kids when I was younger as I didn't play games all that much x

    1. No I spent lots of time outdoors and only really played games in the winter when we weren't allowed out for as long. I am glad they don't play them much though as when they do it is a nice fun experience rather than a daily obsession!

  2. I've never really been much of a gamer, but this seems like a nice game to keep the little ones occupied when you need to do things!

    1. I wouldn't say I am a gamer either but exactly that! We have so much work being done on the house at the moment and the poor kids can't always be entertained by me so it is nice having something I know they play nicely together!