Me and Mine (November 2018)

Friday, November 30, 2018

November started with a really fun family evening watching fireworks at a local village hall. We had the best time, watching the fireworks, eating hot doughnuts and playing hook a duck. It was so nice spending an evening having fun together. We also did some bonfire night food activities making chocolate covered apples and frozen yoghurt pops, as bonfire night itself was a school night, we had just as much fun spending it inside making nice treats.

We have tried to get outdoors whenever we could this month including a trip to Rosliston Forestry Centre with my Dad and Stepmother where we had a lovely long walk and took along our Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands to battle it out in the woods. We surprised the children one weekend while they were at their Dad's by building their huge trampoline which is an early Christmas present from their Nanna.

It was Sam's birthday this month so we had a child free weekend and a lovely meal out followed by celebrations in the week when the children were home. 

As for the house, we are awaiting the plastering being done in two bedrooms so we have two empty rooms while our belongings are scattered around the house. I am so excited for it to be done, though we are definitely crazy having it done at this time of the year. We have bought paint for the rooms to get started once the plaster is dry and I can't wait to have the rooms finished!

It has been a crazy month and it looks like December will be much the same with lots of stuff to be done in the house. Hopefully we will get time to do some festive bits though too. I am really excited to spend the first Christmas in our new home with all of the children this year!

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