It Is Almost Time To Decorate #Ad

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Before Photo- Living Room
Since buying our house back in May, we have had lots of work going on. We have had the whole house rewired, the roof repaired, leaks fixed and all sorts of other fixing jobs. We have finished decorating the boys bedroom with freshly painted walls and a new carpet. I have painted the Kitchen to give it a fresh new look. In 5 months we have achieved a lot but still have a long way to go. With Christmas coming up, we are desperate to have the girls' and our bedrooms plastered and decorated, before we start on our living/dining rooms in the New Year. We currently have just stripped walls and bare floorboards in the bedrooms so it will be amazing to have everything feeling so homely!

Once all of the plastering is done then the fun can really start. I love the decorating part and have rough ideas of what I would like in each room already. Pinterest has been my best friend recently! I want a grey/pink or navy/pink colour scheme for our bedroom, a purple/pink colour scheme for the girls room and for the living room I would like green and neutral. I think when it comes to upstairs we will definitely go for carpets for noise control. As for downstairs, we have a lot of wooden features in the living room so a nice rustic looking laminate flooring would be ideal with a nice large faux fur rug. At the moment we have a horrific bright red carpet left by the previous owners. I cannot wait to replace it. 

I am hoping that soon we will have a house that feels like it has our stamp on it. The house has so much potential and it could be the perfect family home with some TLC. It is a waiting game now to see when the plasterer can come in and get the work done but I really cannot wait to show it to you all as it starts to take shape. 

*This is a collaborative post.

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