Children's Christmas Gift Guide

Friday, November 30, 2018

As part of my annual children's gift guide I have put together a list of items that I know my children will love. Some have been sent for review and others I have included as I have chosen them for my children personally. 

We are big Harry Potter fans in our house and were recently sent the Harry Potter Wizard Training Wands to review. They have been listed as one of the top 12 toys for Christmas 2018 and I can see why! You can use them to cast spells or play a fun game of wizard tag. I've written a full review which you can read here. These have a RRP of £19.99 each with four designs to choose from.

I got to see the Real Talking Sorting Hat in action at Blog On in September and I was so impressed. It correctly placed me in Hufflepuff! I actually won this on a Twitter party recently simply by chatting about Harry Potter with fellow fans. I am putting it away for Gracie for Christmas but I just had to add it to my suggestion list for anyone with young Harry Potter fans. It has an RRP of £39.99 and I am sure all family members and friends will be forced to discover their house over Christmas.

Last year I was one of those parents desperately searching last minute for a Fingerling as Zach decided he wanted one once they were sold out! I was so lucky a blogging friend sent one to me as it was the one thing he had asked for and since then each of the kids have asked for either a Fingerling or Untamed Dino. The kids think they are adorable and funny. The latest collection is the Fingerling BFF range, where the Fingerling comes with a mini Fingerling friend. It is going to be the next big thing for Fingerling fans! These have a RRP of £14.99

If your children love crafting they will love these Paint Sticks from Little Brian. They are amazing! It saves on mess and means you don't have to worry about paintbrushes and water plus your child can still have fun creating painting masterpieces. As well as the regular size paint sticks, they also have mini paint sticks in even more colours and fabric paint sticks for decorating fabrics. 

Gracie is a bookworm. She loves to read and since starting her new school she has been enjoying creative writing. She doesn't have much confidence in herself though. I gave her this book a while back to have a look through, it is called 'The Originals' and is a book full of original short stories by young writers. Each story is written by someone between the ages of 6 and 21 years and were entered into a competition to become published. The stories are from authors across the globe and I thought it would be inspiring for her to read. It must have been, as when I took the book to take photo's I found a piece of paper folded inside with a short story she had written. 

For young mermaid fans, this adorable mermaids tail would make a lovely gift. The velcro attachment makes it easy for them to use themselves and it is suitable for ages 3-7 years. As you can see it is full of beautiful colours and would surely be a huge hit at Christmas. Elsie is mermaid obsessed like most girls her age and she absolutely loves dressing like a mermaid in her mermaids tail.  It is available to buy at Pretend To Bee and costs £12.95 

Of course you need a way to present Christmas gifts and I love to store them in traditional hessian sacks. This lovely personalised sack is from Harrow & Green it measures 80cm x 50cm and has a lovely red gingham trim. There are lots of different sack designs to choose from on the Harrow & Green website along with some beautiful personalised stockings and mini sacks. The Letterpress Christmas Sack with Gingham Trim costs £27 and can be used year after year!

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  1. Fantastic gift ideas for children this Christmas. Love the mermaid tail from Pretend to Be, is it bad that I really want one myself? My boys would love the Harry Potter toys.

    1. No I totally agree, I wish It would fit me! My eldest is Harry Potter mad so I can't wait for her to see the Sorting Hat!

  2. We all adore Harry Potter, so I'm sure any one of us would love to unwrap the Sorting Hat

    1. It is so cool. I can't wait to give it to Gracie, she has no idea and is a huge Harry Potter fan.