Tyre Care and Maintenance

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

As car owners you are responsible for making sure your vehicle is safe to drive and fit for the roads. One of these responsibilities is to ensure that your tyres are maintained to a good standard.

It is important to buy the right tyres for your car and to then maintain their upkeep. Things you need to look out for are tyre pressure, tread depth, over inflation and under inflation. If you are not sure how much air you should be putting in your tyres, older cars will have the information in the owners manual and many newer cars actually have the information listed on a sticker inside the drivers door. Tyre pressure should be checked at least once per month and before any long journey. It is also recommended that you check your tyres whilst they are cold, therefore if you are planning to check them, try and do so before driving any more than, for example, 2 miles in your car that day. When replacing tyres it is safer to buy brand new than to try and cut costs by purchasing part-worn tyres.  Changing tyres at the right time is very important - this holds true especially when you are driving in any local areas. For example whether you are driving in England or Scotland, there are local depots to help you out. Point S offer tyres for local areas  like Fife (in Scotland) and also other areas of UK, you can check here.

If you do not follow these steps to maintain your tyres and continue to drive with unsafe tyres you are potentially putting yourself and others in danger. The roads are busy all over the UK whether it be motorways, country lanes, residential areas and no matter where you are driving you are at risk. The possible dangers include hydroplaning, a decent tyre contains grooves that channel water away from the tyre but if they are worn it enables water to get between the tyre and the road surface and stops the tyre from gripping the road. bald tyres can also cause an unsafe heat buildup. If air can't flow between the grooves, the tyres can heat up and cause a blowout causing you to lose control of the car. 

Not only can you cause an accident harming yourself or others, you could invalidate your car insurance meaning you are driving without valid insurance and can face prosecution.

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