Me and Mine (September 2018)

Sunday, September 30, 2018

September has been an incredibly difficult month for us all. We moved back into our house the evening before the children returned to school and it was a mess. We have thankfully decorated the boys room so all of the children are sleeping together in there at the moment but we have had so much to do and it has been stressful to say the least. 

So the children went back to school, they love it so much and for Zach and Elsie it had been a very long wait. Elsie is still waiting for a Reception spot but is in the Nursery all day and is mixing with the Reception children so she can get to know them while she waits for a spot to become available. The school have been brilliant with making the children feel at home and it has made it all a lot easier for us all. 

The house was full of dust and plaster and there are no carpets except the lounge and the boys room. It took a while to get it in a clean and homely condition and now we just have to focus on getting it ready to decorate. We are definitely over the worst of it but it has caused lots of upset and arguments as we have so much to do and so little time and resources to get the jobs done. 

We ended the month on a high though with Zach's 6th birthday. He had a lovely day celebrating with his new school friends and teachers. He got lots of lovely presents to open in the evening and a special birthday dinner as requested. He then wanted us all to go to the park over the weekend so we visited Rosliston Forestry Centre which we had wanted to visit for a while. We explored the sensory garden, watched some birds of prey (and I got to join in myself!) and we enjoyed some ice cream altogether. It was a great way to end our month and hopefully a sign of things to come in October. 

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