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Monday, October 15, 2018

One thing that I love to have in my home is personalised gifts. I have so many little treasures gifted to me over the years by family and friends and I love displaying them around my home. I also love to buy thoughtful gifts for my loved ones and will always try to find something special for them on occasions. Made With Love & Sparkle make a large range of personalised gifts for everyone and I had the difficult choice of deciding on an item from their website recently.

I eventually decided on a wedding fund box. I am at that point in life where many of my friends are getting engaged or married and since Sam asked me to marry him last November in Iceland, we haven't really made any further plans. We put it on hold whilst saving to buy our house and we are still spending most of our spare money on house repairs or decor. I thought it would be a great idea to have one of these cute boxes on display in our living room as a little reminder and it might encourage us to pop a bit of money in every now and then. 

The box itself is bigger than I expected and such lovely quality. I do love the print on the front. It really is a statement piece and stands out on my living room shelves. As it is made using a box frame, there is no need to damage it to remove the money as you open it as you would a photo frame. I remember once having to smash a beautiful money box for one of the kids as it was full and it was quite upsetting!

I have to say if this is any indication of the quality of products sold at Made With Love & Sparkle, I will definitely be shopping there in the future. You can shop by person or occasion to find the perfect gift. I love the children's instruments and some of the recently added christmas products. I will also be looking at more personalised wedding products when we come to actually planning our big day!

You can see the whole range of personalised gifts at

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  1. How beautiful is this? and an amazing way to save up for a wedding, birthday, holiday etc. I'll have to order one for my New York savings fund

  2. I love seeing people giving personalised items like this, they just mean more don't you think? Something unique to you.

  3. Oh that's so lovely and completely different to what you already see out there xx

  4. This is beautiful and such a fun way to save the pennies for a special occasion! x

  5. This is so beautiful and a great way to save.

  6. That's lovely. Good luck filing it up !