Review: Fab Lab Tie Dye Kit

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Over the summer Gracie and I decided to do a few fun craft activities together. One of these was to have a go at creating our own tie dye t-shirts. We used the Fab Lab Tie Dye kit which comes with four different colour dyes, disposable gloves, a bag full of elastic bands and a full instruction booklet. We read through the instruction leaflet to see the different patterns we could make and decided to try out two of them.

Gracie chose two colours for our first attempt and we then used the elastic bands to tie up our t-shirts according to the instructions. It can get very messy so we lay bin bags on the table to protect the surfaces and after preparing the colours, we got started. We covered the shirts in the different colours. I wasn't sure how much to apply so I definitely think I should have soaked mine a bit more for the colour to sink right in. We then popped them each in a bag and wrapped them up to leave overnight. 

The next day we removed them from the bags and rinsed them thoroughly before putting each on a cold wash in the washing machine. We hung them out in the sunshine to dry then they were ready to wear. As you can see Gracie was really happy with her creation! Mine should have ended up with a stripy effect so definitely needed a lot more dye to be used but we had lots of fun together and still have two colours left to use in the future! 

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