Me and Mine (August 2018)

Friday, August 31, 2018

August saw us temporarily move out of our house for three weeks while we had the whole place rewired. It was a huge job, we had to move out the majority of our belongings into storage and the whole brood descended on the poor in-laws. Thankfully it was the school holidays and we tried to keep busy with walks to the park or trips out and our final week was spent on holiday. 

It was the first big family holiday we have had with all of the children together. We stayed in a lovely cottage in Pembrokeshire along with the in-laws and the two dogs. We spent most of our days at different beaches, we celebrated Elsie's birthday and watched the sunset from the cottage balcony most evenings. I was in my element being able to take nice pictures of everyone and everything. It was a really beautiful place and it was really nice to have a break. 

September will see us moving back into our shell of a house and the children returning or starting their brand new school. 

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