Review: Sweet Pups

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Every now and then a product comes along that really surprises me. The people who create them must have a great imagination. Sweet Pups are definitely one of these products. Sweet Pups are toys that look and smell just like some of your favourite pastries and cakes except you can turn them inside out and they become cute puppies! The smell of these tasty treats is amazing and Elsie couldn't stop sniffing hers as soon as we took the lid from the packaging off.

Elsie had no idea what the Sweet Pup actually was until I turned it inside out and revealed the cute puppy hidden inside. She was so surprised! She thinks it is hilarious as well as cute. It is such a clever little toy and although it is a very strange concept, it has been a huge hit and we all love the Sweet Pups. 

There are 12 sweet pups to collect, each is a different cake or pastry and a different breed of pup. From a cinnamon roll beagle to a poodle macaron, there are lots of very different ones to choose from.  They are currently available to buy at Claire's Accessories but will hopefully be widely available soon.

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