Review: LOL Surprise Pets Series 3

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Gracie recently reviewed the LOL Surprise Confetti Pop and loved it. I actually met the PR team recently at Blog On X and spotted the LOL Surprise Pets and thought that Gracie would freak about them so they let me bring one home for her to review. The LOL Surprise Pets are just like the original LOL Surprise toys except they are animals and not dolls. There are seven surprises to be unravelled including the pet and a range of accessories.

Gracie was so excited to open up her LOL Surprise pets ball to reveal who was inside. She was also surprised to find the contents quite different to those in the LOL Surprise dolls. The LOL Surprise pet came with a litter tray full of kinetic sand and a poop scoop to dig and find any hidden accessories. Gracie found a little necklace for her pet hidden in the litter tray. 

Gracie was really pleased with her LOL Surprise pet. She received Fuzzy Fan, a little ginger and black cat with a beret style hat. She really enjoyed digging in the cat litter tray to find hidden treats and has enjoyed playing with all of the contents since opening. She said she prefers the pets to the dolls now, which is no surprise as she is an animal lover. 

You can buy the LOL Surprise pets at most toy retailers.

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