Review: Imaginext Jurassic World Collection

Friday, June 29, 2018

We were recently sent a selection of toys from the Imaginext Jurassic world collection. As you can see Zach was amazed by the contents. I made him close his eyes whilst I emptied the box and he couldn't believe his eyes when he opened them! I think he was also pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a live velociraptor in the box which I had been teasing since the box arrived with dinosaur print stickers on. Zach is a big Imaginext fan and a big Jurassic World fan but we hadn't seen the toys beforehand. I have to say we were super impressed from the get go and if you keep reading we will share what we thought of each item individually. 

Dinosaur Hauler
A hauler vehicle designed to transport dinosaurs. Turn the power pad midway to let the ramp down or turn it fully to eject the cage. Chase Blue and capture her using the net projectile ready to move her safely into the cage. This set also comes with an ACU (Asset Containment Unit) figure. It is job to safely contain the dinosaur. This is Zach's favourite from the collection. He loves the net projectile and Blue is his favourite of all the dinosaurs in the movies. I was impressed that he knew how to use this without me explaining. He must know now that playing around with the power pads on Imaginext toys will show him all that they can do. He hasn't stopped playing with this and has introduced the other dinos and character figures to play with it too.

Walking Indoraptor
This is by far my favourite item from the collection! You simply turn the power pad to activate the dinosaur. You then move the RTV away from the dinosaur to trigger the action and the dino will suddenly start to chase. The faster you move the RTV, the faster the dinosaur goes. I was really impressed by how well this works, in fact I wasn't sure if it would work outdoors, as many motorised toys struggle with this, but there was not a problem with getting it moving at all! This gave Zach a lot more room to move and play with the toy than he would usually have indoors. Me and Zach made a quick 30 second video to demonstrate this toy you can watch it below.

Stygimoloch & Owen
A hard-headed dinosaur. You certainly wouldn't want this one to headbutt you. This set comes with the dinosaur and container along with Owen on his motorbike. This is one of three feature character assortment sets. Each includes a dinosaur, character figure and accessories. Zach thought it was really cool that he got Owens super cool motorbike and he really likes the Stygimoloch.

ATV Quad
The ATV Quad set is part of the basic character assortment. Each set includes a character figure and a vehicle of some kind. This one includes an ATV Quad and ACU technician. Press the button to launch the pinchers to catch dino's on the loose. 

As you can see the sets together make a pretty impressive Jurassic World. Playing outdoors made it feel much more authentic. The dinosaurs are roaming free chasing vehicles with the ACU trying to capture as many as possible. The kids (and me) have thoroughly enjoyed playing with all of the Imaginext Jurassic World toys. 

The whole collection is available to buy at Smyths Toys and it is definitely worth having a look especially if you have any dinosaur fans. 

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  1. What a great range of toys. Imaginex is a great brand and it's fab that they've got this Jurassic World/dino range.

  2. What an amazing collection. My six year old would think these are amazing, they look like a great range.

  3. Although my friends kids are a little too young for jurassic park they love dinosaurs so I bet they'd love this x

  4. wow the indoraptor is fab - love how it moves in the video. Makes it a great interactive toy

  5. I love the look of the Jurassic World toys. They look well made and loads of fun!

  6. One very lucky little boy. I am sure many children would love this collection of Jurassic toys x

  7. Ooooh, dinosaurs are everywhere at the moment. These look great!

  8. I am loving these Jurassic World toys. My fave is the dinosaur hauler, love the net and cage