Siblings (May 2018)

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We are in May now and it is time for our monthly Siblings update. The past month has been another fun filled one for the kids. It started with a trip to Ryton Pools Country Park on a search for Bluebells. We didn't find them as we were a little early but the kids did get to explore the woods and enjoy a nice picnic in the sun. They also found this animal totem filled with carvings of animals you can find in the woods which is really cool!

It was Logan's birthday this month so we travelled to Wales to visit him and he took us to the local places he loves. We went to Wiggleys Fun Farm where all four of them got to feed the animals and play on the indoor and outdoor play areas before heading to the beach for a BBQ, building sandcastles and jumping waves in the sea. The sun was shining all day and even the sea was lovely and warm. Zach had the time of his life jumping around in the sea and was soaked head to toe. Gracie soon joined him and the two of them really enjoyed themselves. Elsie wasn't a big fan of the sea but let her toes get wet and watched the other two happily. We don't get to the beach often as we live so far away so it was a lovely treat for them. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of all three together at the beach but you can see lots of lovely photos of each of them over on Instagram.

To end our month we finally made it back to Ryton Pools one evening last week to find the bluebells in full bloom. It was really beautiful and I got some lovely photos of Gracie, Zach and Elsie together. They really enjoyed helping me find the perfect spot and exploring the woods, finding the clearings so we wouldn't damage any flowers and looking for different animal habitats on the way as Gracie has been learning about them at school. 

It seems they have had a lot of outdoor fun this month. Hopefully the next month will be just as fun!

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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