Review: New Fingerlings

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Fingerlings have been a huge hit, if you haven't heard of them already, they were one of the most wanted toys at Christmas and were sold out in most toy stores! I had a huge struggle trying to get hold of one as it was the only toy Zach requested for Christmas. Thankfully a friend managed to get one to me and I had a happy boy Christmas Day. What I hadn't expected was for Elsie to love it so much. She was given a cheaper version of one which didn't work very well at all. The knock-offs are awful in comparison. Since Fingerlings proved so popular they have produced some new two-tone characters to add to the collection.

Fingerlings react to touch, motion and sound. You can swing them, pet them or rock them to sleep. Elsie was sent one of these new Fingerlings and she likes to talk to hers and give her kisses. We find it really cute how her Fingerling always reacts to the sound of Elsie laughing. It is nice that it seems quite personal to her. She has such an attachment to this little monkey.

They are really cute and a great price as far as interactive toys go! We are all big fans with Gracie currently asking if she can have one next! You can find Fingerlings at most toy stores both in store and online. 

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