Review: LOL Surprise Confetti Pop

Friday, May 11, 2018

The LOL Surprise dolls are another huge craze for the kids at the moment. They love the surprise element of not knowing which doll they will find inside. Gracie was so excited to open up her new LOL Surprise Confetti Pop and to see how different it would be to the original LOL Surprise. She loved the confetti pop effect, it really made her laugh seeing confetti exploding everywhere!

There were lots of little accessories and clothing packaged separately for her to find in the ball and she really enjoyed opening it all up and dressing her doll. I thought I would hate the confetti but it is made out of thick paper and is easily picked up afterwards. I had images of tissue paper being ripped and found all over my house! 

Gracie loved the LOL Surprise Confetti Pop and was really pleased with the doll she received inside. I think it will be a huge hit with small LOL Surprise fans! 

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