Planning Children's Parties

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

I absolutely love planning children's birthday parties, which I guess is a good thing with so many children, and over the years I have planned a fair few. Whether it be a home/garden party with close friends and family or hiring out a venue and inviting all of their school friends, I always love creating themes and activities to make it extra special for the birthday boy or girl. 

We will be moving house soon, where we will have a really big garden suitable for some awesome children's parties and the idea makes me so excited. I am already looking at ideas that each of the children will love and have even considered hiring some entertainment like Captain Fantastic Parties because as much as I love creating activities for the children to do, entertaining people is certainly not my area of expertise. 

My personal favourite part of party planning is the cakes! Over the years we have had some amazing birthday cakes for the kids. I love to wow the kids and give them experiences to remember though I don't always pay people to make the cakes for me. For Gracie's 5th Birthday party, I decorated a cake for her myself and she was so pleased with it despite it not being a professional job. She still talks about it now which is lovely.

A good birthday party will create memories that last forever so it doesn't matter how much you spend or how many people turn up. Having fun and getting a few snapshots to look back on mean that you can remember and cherish those moments forever. 

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  1. That cake is so cute! I would love to be able to have something like that for my birthday!

  2. My sons birthday is in the winter so I find it really hard to plan a good birthday party for him, so many things are closed here that time of year! A good cake helps a lot though, we did a Star Wars Lego one last year.