Review: Frantics Playstation 4

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Frantics is a Playstation game which enables you to play using your smartphone or tablet instead of the Playstation controllers. It includes 15 mini-games for up to four players. The game challenges players to win crowns through a variety of tasks. There are three different play modes. Fox's Party, Mini Games and Custom session. We like to play Fox's Party because you don't know which games to expect or how it will end. The Fox will also give some players secret missions in a bid to sabotage rivals. However you can play the mini games separately or you can put together your own selection to challenge your friends.

Setting up the game is really easy. Simply download the Frantics App onto your device and follow the instructions on screen and on your device. You can take a picture of yourself using your phone for your player profile and choose which Frantics animal character you want to be. If there are just two of you playing the fox will add in two of his friends to play against you. The mini-games are so much fun. I am not very good at most of them but have found it really funny playing. We have a few devices at home so could easily have four players at once if we all wanted to play together but we tend to play just two people at once. 

Each mini-game is completely different to the last with lots of different concepts and ideas and different ways to play. Some require tilting or shaking your device, others you need to swipe or press buttons on the phone but each one tells you how to play before you start. I love the sabotage aspect to the game which adds a little extra fun. Whether it be a secret mission to try and ensure a particular person loses or passing your rivals bombs. If you lose your life in a game you can choose which of the other players to sabotage to stop them winning. If you are like us and have lots of very competitive people in the house, it can be really funny sabotaging them so they can't beat you. The aim is to collect crowns by winning min-games to help you at the end so you can stop whoever has the most crowns so far etc.

Me and Sam have played against each other and really enjoyed it and have both said we will play again. I think it is a great game for families or just couples. It is lighthearted and silly which is just what you want sometimes. We will definitely play both with the kids and on our own and will probably pull it out if we have friends or family over to challenge them!

Frantics is available to download now on the Playstation Store or you can buy a physical copy at a range of different Playstation game stockists.

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