Siblings (February 2018)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

This month the kids have spent a lot of time outdoors. We have taken every opportunity to get them outdoors enjoying some fresh air. They love visiting our local parks and we are so lucky to have so many close by. The first two pictures were taken at Coombe Abbey Country Park which is a lovely park which has a play area for the kids but also has plenty of land to explore. Gracie, Zach and Elsie were making dens in the trees and attempting to climb some together. 

The next two photos were taken at our nearest park which is just a 10 minute walk from our house. It is one we spend a lot of time at throughout the year and one cold Saturday morning early this month, I had all four kids, including the kids soon to be stepbrother Logan and they managed to get the whole park to themselves to play in. It is even more crazy than usual when the four of them get together. They all get on so well and play so nicely together but they also get overexcited and easily tired. We try to see him once every three weeks for a whole weekend which is really nice for them all. 

The last photo was taken last weekend in the woods which is actually at the end of our street. We haven't been exploring in the woods since last Summer so the kids really enjoyed it. We had a couple of Stretch Armstrong toys to review which they took out with them and they got to be silly and stretch them as far as possible whilst I took photos of them. They enjoy doing their reviews and even though they were sent for Zach, he much prefers to play with his siblings rather than on his own. 

That has pretty much been it for this month. They have been at school mostly and working hard with homework and reading in the evenings and so they have loved to spend every weekend outdoors and having lots of fun! They are looking forward to half-term together now to relax and unwind.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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