Review: Original Stretch Armstrong

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The original Stretch Armstrong is back! Stretch him, pull him and tie him in knots. When you release him he will use his super strength to return to his original shape. Stretch Armstrong can stretch to four times his original size. Zach was sent two products from the new 'original' range both bad guys, 'The Original Stretch Armstrong Stretch X-Ray' and Stretch Armstrong's arch nemesis 'The Original Vac-Man'.

The Original Stretch Armstrong Stretch X-Ray is a see-through stretch monster. You can stretch the arms, legs and torso and even the internal organs stretch with him. Zach was amazed at how far you could stretch this one and was so worried it would snap though of course it didn't! We all thought it was really funny wrapping up his torso and watching it untangle itself to get back to the original shape. 

The Original Stretch Vac-Man is Stretch Armstrong's arch enemy. Pump his head to vacuum pump the air out of him and you can set him to any pose you like. Press the release valve on the top of his head and he returns to normal. This one was really strange you can make his body go really wide as well as stretch him. This was definitely Zach's favourite and is apparently a hit with adult children too. Sam was just as excited to play with them as Zach was and they both seemed to take a shine to Vac-Man.

It is great that classic toys like Stretch Armstrong are still a hit with kids today without the need of changing them. They are such fun novelty toys and can keep kids entertained for hours as well as providing some nostalgia for adults who may remember Stretch Armstrong and his enemies from their childhood. 

You can view the range here along with all the new Stretch Armstrong products.

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