Me and Mine (February 2018)

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

February has just flown by and it has been another busy month for us all. Earlier this month we visited a few houses on our house finding mission and before we knew it we found the perfect house. It happened much quicker than we expected and we are now waiting on all our paperwork so fingers crossed everything goes to plan. If it does we could be in our new house by the Summer. 

Both Zach and Elsie have had a few family sessions in school so I have been quite heavily involved with the school this month and it was lovely seeing them in the school environment and letting them show me what they like to do each day. I do enjoy going along to the family sessions and having one on one time with each of them. 

Me and Sam got to go and watch Bowling For Soup live at the O2 Academy Birmingham. I saw them briefly last year at Slam Dunk Festival and they are a band that I absolutely loved back in my school days. Sam has seen them a few times over the years so it was one that we both really enjoyed. I love the nostalgic feeling of watching bands from my youth and singing along to their biggest hits like a fan girl. 

We also managed a proper date night this month. The weekend after Valentine's Day we went for a nice romantic meal at The Winery in Burton Upon Trent while the kids spent time with his parents. It was so nice to dress up and go somewhere really nice for once and the food was amazing! The kids were really happy too as it meant we all stayed at his Mum and Dad's house and the kids love staying with their Nana and Popsy.

We then had half-term which meant we had Logan with us too. It was a crazy week, we had two of the kids friends over one day so I spent a day entertaining 6 children. We played hide and seek in the woods and played games. We got a bus into town to show Logan the Coventry Transport Museum and we went to a super cool birthday party. 

Me and Sam attended our first Wedding Fayre which was interesting to say the least. I still have no idea where to start with plans but I guess we got to have a nice walk around and talk about our plans whilst the children spent time with their grandparents.

It was such a busy month that I failed at our family photo I am guessing it is going to be difficult every month as we just don't get the time with Sam to get even a quick snap each month. Maybe next month!

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