Coventry Transport Museum

Thursday, February 22, 2018

As it is half-term and I have had all four kids this week, I have been trying to keep them busy without spending a fortune. Earlier in the week we went and spent a few hours in the local woods playing outdoor games but today I wanted to do something different. Coventry Transport Museum is a place that I have visited more times than I could possibly remember with school trips and family outings when I was a child and even the occasional visit with friends in my late teens. I try to take my kids at least once or twice a year and today I was pleasantly surprised to go and find lots of new parts which I hadn't seen before, along with some old favourites. 

Coventry Transport Museum holds the largest publicly owned collection of British Vehicles in the world and uses it to tell the story of Coventry and it's people through the rise and fall of it's biggest industry. I have lived in Coventry all of my life and so I realise how important this is to the people of Coventry. As a child, both of my uncles worked for Peugeot, we went on school trips to the factory, where we looked out for relatives and family friends at work and were invited to family events. My Grandma once worked at Rolls Royce. Even the tutor groups in my secondary school were named after the many car manufacturers that were once part of the motor industry in Coventry. Whenever I get a black cab in any part of the UK and get into a conversation with the driver and they ask where I am from, you can guarantee they will tell me that their cab came from Coventry! It is always nice to know your birth city is famous for something!

Anyway, I decided to take the kids today for a nice free day out, the museum is free admission with optional donation drops in various areas around the museum. You can go at your own pace around the museum and can stay as long as you want. There is so much to enjoy and a lot to learn. The kids particularly loved seeing all of the bicycles with display models going as far back as the early 1800's. They thought the Penny Farthings were hilarious and wondered how people would learn to ride them when they are so high! They also loved seeing what engines look like outside of vehicles. There were a few examples spread around the museum of different engines and I was surprised at how intriguing the kids found them, especially the one near the end of the museum, where you press a button and it shows you how it works. They were fascinated!

There are cars from all different eras. I love looking at the really old vintage cars but the kids quickly chose their favourites. The boys chose the racing cars and the girls chose the Barbie car. They were all impressed with the old Police cars, vans and fire engines though too. We had such a lovely day out and are so lucky to have such a cool, fun place on our doorstep. We will definitely be checking out the events calendar in the next school holidays as I know they run some fun activities for the children at these times. 

If you are looking for days out in the West Midlands, I would definitely recommend a visit. I am going to try and take the kids to explore many more Coventry places of interest in the next few months so I will try and write up as many as I can to give you a feel for whether they are worth a visit or not and help you plan some fun packed days out!

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  1. Aww I remember going here a a child, such a fun day out :)

  2. Oh my daughter would love the Barbie car too! It's always good to find somewhere where you can take the kids for a free day out, this museum looks lovely.

  3. I have to admit I have little to no interest/knowledge of transport, but this is a great way to get kids interested! love the idea of having them learn about engines :)

  4. My husband is really into cars so he would enjoy this museum. We will definitely check it out if we are ever in the area. That F1 car is awesome!

  5. This looks like a great day out and its fab that's its free! I think my son would really enjoying a visit here and seeing all the old cars and bikes!

  6. Ooh my kids would LOVE it here! They are obsessed with any kind of vehicle and Harry would be in his element amongst all of these cars!

  7. I think anything transport is always a winner with kids. This sounds like a great place and free admission is always a winner