Top Tips For Visiting Iceland #Ad

Friday, November 24, 2017

Iceland has always been a destination on my bucket list and last weekend I finally managed to visit for a long weekend. There are so many things to do and see whilst over there and it can be difficult to pack it all in on a short break. It is essential to plan most of your time ahead of your trip and I will share some tips here for those of you planning a visit.

  • Take plenty of clothes. I would definitely recommend wearing layers. It can be quite cold especially in winter but it can get quite sunny and if you are walking a lot you can get quite warm if you are in less windy areas such as Reykjavic city centre. You will be thankful to be able to add or remove layers as needed.
  • Take a good pair of warm shoes. Make sure your shoes are comfortable and waterproof. Many people recommend walking shoes but I wore an old trusty pair of black boots and they were perfect for me, teamed with a thick pair of socks each day.
  • Book your excursions before you go. We booked our excursions at the same time as our trip so when we arrived we only had to pay for food and drinks and all of our transport to and from excursions was arranged before we arrived. It also meant we had a daily plan to fit in all the places we wanted to visit. Apparently the Blue Lagoon can become fully booked so it is advised to book that as far in advance as you can.
  • If you are aiming to see the Northern Lights I would advise booking that for early on in your holiday. Most companies have a policy that if you fail to see the lights on your trip they will take you back out the following day to try again until you see them (or go home). As it is a late night trip it can easily be arranged for another evening if you miss out the first time.
  • Food is expensive wherever you go in Iceland so be prepared to spend a fair amount each day on food. Perhaps take some snacks in your case to reduce spending as much whilst there. Most of our spending money went on food and we spent between £25-£70 on a meal for two depending where we chose to eat. We tried to limit eating out to one meal a day when we could but when we were travelling around a lot on trips we got quite hungry and couldn't help ourselves!

  • Visit a Geothermal bath. We visited two different types. One at Fontana Wellness Spa and we also visited the Blue Lagoon. They were both very different but both lovely. If I had to choose though the Blue Lagoon was definitely my favourite (No walking around in the cold in a swimsuit was a bonus!)
  • If you are visiting Geothermal baths, treat your hair with plenty of conditioner. This includes men too (hair and beards). The silica tends to dry your hair out and it is recommended to pop plenty of conditioner in to be left in while you bathe in the water. My hair was like straw by the time I got home though it was nothing a deep conditioning mask couldn't help.
  • If you can, visit in Winter. The whole time we were there, there was snow covering every surface. It definitely made everything look even more beautiful as it glittered and glistened in the sun. November, December and January are the recommended months to visit for snow.

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