Review: Star Wars Timeline

Monday, November 13, 2017

Last month, as part of the blogger board game club, we reviewed Timeline: British History. We really enjoyed that game and were pleased to find we had another version of Timeline to review this month. This months game is Timeline Star Wars Edition. The game contains 110 cards depicting different events in the original Star Wars trilogy. Your aim is to put the cards in order of which events happened first so you have to try and decide which event happens when, just like in other Timeline games. Of course what makes it difficult is that each card has the same picture both front and back, with just one side numbered. You can't look at the number until you have placed the card where you think it fits on the timeline. Will you get them all right?

As a huge Star Wars fan who has seen each film so many times, I thought I would find the Timeline game much easier than I did! When it comes to scenes that happen around a similar time it can be quite hard to remember which came first, especially if they are less significant scenes in the films. I would definitely suggest saving this game to play with fellow Star Wars fans as it would be really difficult for people who haven't got a clue and where is the fun in beating someone who knows they are going to lose? The fun is in the competition.

I really enjoyed the game. The Timeline games really do make you use your brain! I am actually hoping that in a few years, the kids can play with me as they love Star Wars but I think the concept of the game would be lost on them at the moment.

You can get Star Wars Timeline from a range of retailers including Argos, Game and Amazon. You can also get an episode 1-3 version for prequel trilogy.

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