Review: Imaginext BatBot Xtreme

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I will often say that one of the best buys I have ever made for Zach is his Imaginext Batman collection of toys. He started collecting them when he was just two and now has a fair few playsets and whereas he gets bored of a lot of his other toys, whenever I go in his bedroom he has his Imaginext toys out to play with. They are so versatile and they all do cool things like shoot and make noises and have hidden entries and all you would expect from a superhero hideout. You can also collect all of the figures from the DC Universe and so they can use them to make their own stories with their heroes, vigilantes, villains etc.

As soon as Zach spotted the Imaginext BatBot Xtreme in the Smyths Toy Superstores catalogue, he knew he wanted it so I was so pleased to surprise him with it and it has soon become his favourite Imaginext toy. It stands at two feet tall and has a wingspan of a whopping 3 ft! The wings do fold back behind it when not in use and with a turn of the power pad on the shoulder the wings shoot open! It shoots bullets out of the shoulders, has a hidden elevator in the chest for Batman to travel to the head to direct the BatBot. It has a hidden area in one of the feet to hide the Batcycle. It has guns for hands which can be handled from behind using triggers at the back of the arm. If you press the button on the back shoulder it has a voice changer, so you speak into it and out comes a big booming robot voice. I seriously don't think it could be any cooler! Zach shows all of the features mentioned above in this demonstration video we made below.


It isn't a cheap toy. It is currently around £85 in most retailers but personally I think it is great value for money, for Zach anyway. I know it will be played with by all of the kids for many years to come along with the rest of our Imaginext collection. It would make a great main present for any little DC Superheroes or Imaginext fans this Christmas.

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