Review: Fisher Price Teach n Tag Movi

Monday, October 09, 2017

Teach 'n Tag Movi is a cool little robot who is ready to roll and get kids moving and learning along with him. He has three exciting game modes and six games to choose from. Teach 'n Tag Movi keeps kids thinking, whether he is asking them questions, prompting them to follow directions in a fun game or sharing his groovy moves for them to join in.

Zach and Elsie are big fans of Teach 'n Tag Movi, with Gracie even joining in a few of the fun games. I love how Movi has them being active indoors and having fun and being silly at the same time. I sometimes think that they are forced to do too many serious things now they are at school and getting homework and learning so many new things every day. Sometimes they need a bit of fun and that can be educational too! Zach's favourite game is animal actions, where Movi sings the alphabet and stops on a letter, choosing an animal beginning with that letter they have to act like that animal whether that be actions or sounds. It really makes me laugh watching them play that game. Also 'Movi Says' is another funny one. Despite knowing how to play, they still accidentally follow the instructions when Movi hasn't said 'Movi Says' and they think it is so funny when they realise they have fallen for it!

Zach has helped me out by starring in a demonstration video, showing many of the activities from Movi and how much fun he is having along the way. He really enjoyed making the video so do go ahead and watch it! 

Movi moves around really well and can turn 360 degrees, so he will literally run circles around you. It is such a sturdy toy. It has an on/off switch, something all parents appreciate on any child's toy and it also has options for lower and higher volume which is helpful in a house like mine where the house volume is up and down depending on how many children are at home at one time. It comes with batteries already included and fitted so if you are planning on buying as a gift, you don't have to worry about a disappointed child with an unusable toy if you have forgotten batteries .

I would definitely say we are all big fans of Movi. I already had high expectations as we love most of the Fisher Price toys released over the last few years and Movi has lived up to that expectation. I can see the kids having plenty of fun playing with Movi for a good while and would recommend him to any parent looking for a great, fun christmas gift for a child between the ages of 3 and 6.

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