V Festival 2017

Saturday, September 02, 2017

I recently got the chance to go to my first ever full weekend festival. After attending Slam Dunk Festival in Birmingham earlier this year, I was so excited to follow it up with a proper festival experience. So Me and Hannah (A New Addition) headed to Weston Park for a fun-filled weekend at V-Festival.

I have been camping before but I am no seasoned camper. Me and Hannah love our adventures and road trips and I couldn't think of anyone I would rather do this with. We got a cheap tent a few days before we left and packed everything we would need to survive 3 nights in a tent and muddy fields. We did quite well actually and managed to not forget anything (except my coat!)

Considering neither of us had ever put up a tent, we managed to set ours up in about 20 minutes and it was the perfect size for us! We then walked over to the arena looking for the place to pick up our wristbands. After eventually finding the VIP wristband pick up area we went to have a look inside and see the stage set up. On the Friday night we spent most of our time exploring the grounds before watching Annie Mac who was performing live on the Radio One stage and being broadcast on Radio One followed by Chase & Status. We didn't stop to watch them but they sounded great!

Finding our way to our tent at night was interesting. We pitched so far away to be close to the car but it was a fair walk in the dark and the ground was already getting muddy. I lived in my wellies all weekend! Thankfully our tent was still intact though we ended up with an extra person in there as Sam was working the festival and had his shift times changed meaning he would have had to put his tent up at 11pm at night. It definitely proved that my job can be much more fun at times! 

Saturday morning I learnt an important lesson. If you wake up needing a wee, get up straight away to go to the toilet. Waiting until you are desperate and ending up queuing for an hour in your pj's, with crazy hair and make up on your face, dancing around to avoid wetting yourself is not glamourous. The music didn't start until midday so we had hours to prepare ourselves for the day ahead. We were ready and queuing to get back in by 11am with alcohol in hand to make ourselves merry before the extortionate prices inside. The entry system that day was awful though and it took so long for them to let us in that we missed Scouting For Girls who started at 12 which was disappointing! 

So we then went and had our faces glittered because apparently it is a huge thing at festivals. We then went to the main stage to watch Clean Bandit who were awesome, followed by Jason Derulo who was ok, we remembered a few of his songs from our school days. We then had a break to explore the VIP area which had much nicer toilet facilities and actual seating areas. Then Hannah went off to watch Stormzy while I went and got myself front row to fan girl over The Wombats on the second stage. Now that was a blast from the past. I loved The Wombats back when I was in college and I was shocked to see they were still around and had such a mixed variety of much younger fans as well as people like me. (I am only 26 but my god I feel old next to 16 year olds!) They were so good and I didn't care about dancing around on my own and eventually Hannah came and found me busting moves on the front row. It just happened we were then in the perfect place for Dizzee Rascal straight after. He was so good and despite his friend failing to crowd surf and falling to the ground in the audience (which everyone including Dizzee seemed to find amusing) it was a great show. He came to the front row whilst singing and we managed to touch hands (it was a special moment). Last up was Jay-Z who was honestly shockingly bad. I was so excited to see him and felt nothing watching him. After a few songs we left along with the majority of the crowd. I did manage to hear Numb/Encore whilst sitting in my tent which sounded good though I was glad I didn't stay all that time for that one song. 

The Saturday was an amazing day over all. I definitely peaked to soon starting to drink Gin at 11am and so I had a good few hours of feeling amazingly happy and tipsy but felt a bit sick by the time I had got back to the tent for the night, and even worse the following morning! Sunday morning we suddenly decided that we didn't want to stay another night and so we got ready then packed all of our stuff back in the car so we couldn't change our minds. As fun as the days were the nights were awful. We heard arguments, fighting, people having sex and so much snoring. You are way too aware of how close you are to so many people. Once we packed up the car we headed in early because Busted were the first act and we did not want to miss that!

OMG I love Busted, I still remember 'What I go to school for' being released and buying it on CD Single back in the day. I was so ready for a nostalgia trip and they were so good! They had a huge crowd with everyone singing along to all of their classic hits. Hannah really wanted to see James Arthur so we stayed to watch Ella Eyre and keep our spot despite not knowing who she was and we really enjoyed watching her too. She sung a brand new song which was about to be released that we both loved straight away. James Arthur was pretty good, he is so much better since deciding to go in a different direction and sing the kind of music he wants to do. Next up was Madness which was one of my highlights of the weekend. I remember listening to them with my Dad when I was a child and I have always loved their music. They still have so much energy and stage presence and it was just amazing to watch them in person. Next up was George Ezra but we listened to him from the VIP area as I was desperate for a nice wood-burned pizza and the best food options were definitely in the VIP area. Jess Glynne was also amazing. The rain which had started towards the end of the Madness set had just got worse and so we were all stood in the rain with foam bubbles floating around us while she sung. She seemed so genuinely lovely and grateful to the audience too. Next we had a clash and struggled to decide between Sean Paul and Craig David but opted for Sean Paul which was a great decision as he had a really fun set and a duet with Anne-Marie who had performed earlier in the day. He performed shortened versions of his songs as he had so many to fit in. The rain was so bad at this point though that the apparently waterproof raincoat I had bought from one of the stalls was no longer waterproof and I was soaked to my skin. I could feel water dripping down my whole body and I was frozen! By the end I felt so cold I wanted to go home. We had been so excited to see Pink but the weather was getting worse, we were cold, tired and ready to make our way home. We decided next time she tours we will go and see her then instead!

We made the right decision anyway we got back to the car before the queues of people would be leaving and the fields the cars were in were almost like swamps. Hannah's poor car nearly got stuck in the mud before we escaped so I bet an hour and a half later it was much worse! I have never been so happy to return to my own bed and after sitting in the car in my pants on the return home I am sure Hannah was glad to see the back of me too!

It was definitely an experience. We had so much fun and I will never forget it. We saw so many amazing bands but I also learned that I don't like other people much. We saw so many people squatting in plain sight to avoid toilet queues, boys bragging about having sex in a portaloo and by far the worst thing was the human poo's dotted around the campsite. People can be quite disgusting. If I did it again I think I would opt for the VIP camping area as that was apparently very nice.

So that was my first big camping festival experience! It is definitely something everyone should do at least once!

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