National Eczema Week 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This week is National Eczema Week and until recently the most experience I had had with eczema was the very mild patches Gracie had on the back of her knees as a toddler. I hadn't known anyone who had really suffered with eczema until I met Sam. He has been suffering a lot recently with flare ups and he has written a guest post about living with eczema...

As we are half way through National Eczema week I feel compelled to write something that hits so close to home. Many see eczema as a condition that children have and grow out of or something that comes up in small patches on adults so thereby can look over the serious effects that it can have on a sufferers every day lifestyle.

I myself have suffered with the condition for almost 25 years and it has its good days and its bad. Unfortunately this week it has left me in a crippled state unable to move from the excruciating pain that it causes, having run out of all creams and unable to get an appointment 'til next week due to receptionists not deeming it an 'emergency'. Now one could say I should plan better with creams and treatment but how can you plan when one week it could be clear and not need a lot and the next you are applying cream every half an hour to ease the itching.

For many eczema sufferers the daily routine of treatment can take up to 30 minutes of your day applying lotions, moisturisers and steroids. For others it can be a trip to the hospital every week or two for blood monitoring or injections followed by daily tablets...this is AS WELL as all creams. So you can imagine the daily routines are long and gruelling, especially for children who do not want to sit for so long whilst creams are applied.

But what other impact can it have on daily life? As I said this week I've been left in a crippled state barely able to move, so the task of going to work was made extremely difficult as well as completing work tasks, fortunately for myself my job can be very easy with spending a lot of the night sat down and occasionally having to walk about but think of the impact and effects it would have on manual labourers like builders, factory workers, etc. Those that have to keep moving and fighting through the pain of a severe outbreak.
It also has social implications! Today I had to force myself up off the sofa and to put clothes on to get out, knowing that I didn't want to see anyone and didn't want anyone to see me, but having been locked away for the passed few days I needed to get out. The drain that such a condition can have on ones mental health is almost indescribable at times, loss of self confidence, social anxiety, depression are all things I myself have suffered with as a direct impact of my eczema.

All is not doom and gloom though, I am fortunate enough to have an amazing partner that is there when I need her. Whether thats just the emotional support of understanding that I don't want to or cant do anything at the moment, helping me to apply creams or holding my hands all night to stop me itching whilst I sleep. Lucky is not a strong enough word to describe me.

If you or someone you love sufferers from Eczema, please share their story as we fight to take back control of our bodies.

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  1. One of my friends was suffering with Eczema. It is a common skin disease these days. It may cause because of overthinking (my personal opinion.)