Review: Smiggle Back To School

Thursday, August 17, 2017

We are almost ready for Back to School next month and all of the children are excited to start their new classes. Gracie will be going into Year 2 and the work is going to get even harder. She is such a good kid and loves to learn but she really worries about getting things right and practicing and so I like to make things fun for her. Every year she gets a nice new notebook and stationery for her spellings and story writing (this is one of her new hobbies at the moment and I love to encourage it). Like most kids her age she loves Smiggle. Since we have had one open in our city centre, she is constantly looking in there for new things to spend her pocket money on. You can imagine how happy she was to receive a little Back To School parcel from them recently.

The two-way sequin notebook is one of the best notebooks I have ever seen. It is so beautiful and I have enjoyed playing around drawing patterns in the sequins myself! Gracie loves it and can't wait to start using it! To go with it she received a new water bottle with lots of cute little pictures on it. This is definitely something Gracie would have chosen for herself. She also received a writing multipack which contained two mechanical pencils, two ballpoint pens, a highlighting pen and a corrector all of which have a sweet scent to them, which apparently is now a very important feature when it comes to choosing stationery when you are 6 years old.

Gracie loves all of her new Smiggle items and is really looking forward to getting back to school and putting them to good use!

Smiggle have a huge Back To School range both in-store and online at the moment including bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, pencil cases, key rings, notebooks, pens, pencils and so much more. You can shop the Back To School collection at

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