Review: Bladez Licensed Fidget Spinners

Monday, August 07, 2017

Fidget spinners are the latest big craze amongst children and I have to say my kids were late to join this craze. Mainly because I was a bit worried at the safety of them after seeing a few horror stories on Facebook. This was until Bladez Toyz announced that they were releasing a range of licensed spinners to the market. They are fully safety tested and suitable for children 3+. Zach was very pleased to be told I was finally letting him have a fidget spinner of his own and even more excited to see it was a Hot Wheels design. The girls were just as pleased to see the Barbie designs for them.

The kids have had them a while now and I must say they are so well made. They are really sturdy and despite all the use they get they are still really happy with them and have learned all sorts of cool tricks already. Elsie's hands are a little too small for them (She is very almost 3 but on the small side) so she has found that if she places hers on a flat surface she can spin it just like her brother and sister. The big two have had no trouble at all though, they are perfectly sized for their little hands.

I must say for us parents, they seem like pointless toys but when you sit and watch your children playing nicely together, without arguing and teaching each other the things they have learnt, you realise they are pretty awesome. They have kept the kids entertained on car journeys and school runs which has been great and provided me with lots of peace and quiet so they are a winner for me.

Both the Hot Wheels and Barbie Bladez Spinnerz come in three different colours/designs. They can be collected and stacked on top of one another. They cost £4.99 each and are available to buy at

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