Guest Post: How to have the perfect child-friendly wedding day

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Children can bring some comical and magical moments to a big day, whether they are your own or nieces’, nephews or cousins. It can be worrying planning a wedding with children attending, will they be entertained? How can I make it enjoyable for the parents as well? How will I juggle being a mum and a bride on the same day? With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure a perfect day for all ages.

It’s not as hard as you may think to have a child-friendly wedding, they are going to eat too many treats, explore the wilderness behind the ‘off limits to guests’ signs and team up in packs, most of the time they will just do their own thing. There are a few arrangements you can make beforehand to give them the tools they need to have a great time independently playing together and give the parents at the wedding a chance to let their hair down as well. Here are some top tips to creating the perfect child-friendly wedding.
Allocated jobs
A great way to involve the children in the big day is to give them jobs. This responsibility will make them feel special and the whole day is more likely to go smoothly. Base their jobs on their abilities, it could anything from holding a sign to usher the guests into the church, holding up your dress as you walk down the aisle or passing the microphone around during the speeches.
You could give them disposable cameras and tell them they are ‘official photographers’ for the day. You may even find that they capture some special moments that you can cherish forever. Having responsibility keeps children busy and allows the parents a smooth experience without trying to entertain the children while trying to also enjoy the day. 
Outside activities
If you go for a location that has an outside space, you can set up activities and games to be played on the grass for children- and adults. If your wedding is casual and laid-back, games of rounder’s or races are a fun way to break the ice between the guests and will get everyone having a giggle. 
A bouncy castle or outside play area is also great to keep the children entertained. It allows the parents to relax, have a drink and let their hair down. After hours and a couple of beers, you may even find the adults having a little go. 
Venues that hold events like this one in Nottingham usually have a large outside area for your wedding that can cater to any type of outdoor activity. 
Pre-mini disco
You could set up a pre-mini disco to be held before the adult disco/entertainment starts. It is a chance for all the children to get up and have a boogie and they can participate in games and competitions. It’s a great way to keep them entertained while the adults can socialise and enjoy themselves before getting up on the dancefloor for the adult disco.
It will help the children to make friends that they can play with when the mini disco ends and all that boogieing will tire little ones out for a sleep in the buggy while the parents get up and have a dance later on.
Activity packs
The meal and speeches can sometimes be long and boring for young children. A great way to keep them entertained is to place activity packs on the tables for young children, this will keep them entertained. 

Consider the ages of the children attending and make the packs up according to their age. Younger children will enjoy colouring, puzzles, toys and building blocks. Older children will enjoy word searches, quizzes and a disposable camera for them to capture their own moments. Snack packs are also a great idea to keep their tummies full until the food comes.

*This is a collaborative post

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